Brussels: 4 July 2018 – A crucial piece of digital infrastructure needed for connected and automated driving has just been established by the innovation platform SENSORIS, initiated by HERE Technologies and coordinated by ERTICO – ITS Europe.

Composed by 28 leading players, vehicle manufacturers, telecommunication, ADAS manufacturers, location, content and service providers, and navigation systems suppliers, SENSORIS announced a first version of its global standardised interface specification for vehicle-to-cloud data, to be broadly used across the automotive industry.

The data specification, labelled SENSORIS closes the loop between the vehicle’s sensors, map and connected services. In addition to attributes describing the in vehicle status, the data specification covers observable and derived attribution of the world from various categories, including weather environment, road infrastructure, traffic regulation, traffic events and behaviour and, of course, in vehicle status.

SENSORIS is reaching out to relevant standards and consortia through the participation in the Open AutoDrive Forum to harmonise the data flow and allow interoperability between these data formats. Throughout the time SENSORIS gained significant visibility and drag. Discussions with projects working on real world scenarios in the automated driving ecosystem are ongoing.

 “SENSORIS data closes the essential loop between the vehicle and cloud. Automated vehicles rely on the efficient delivery of data services and SENSORIS provides the necessary feed of near real-time information on the road environment,” said Prokop Jehlicka, Innovation Manager at HERE Technologies and chairman for SENSORIS. “The specification’s release is an important achievement for the industry, and we now have the opportunity to create broad adoption through real-world testing and the integration of SENSORIS with existing data standard formats”.

In 2015, HERE Technologies published the industry’s first open specification for how vehicle sensor data gathered by connected cars could be sent to the cloud for processing and analysis. HERE invited the entire industry to gather across the globe for collaborative workshops on developing the specification.

In 2016, HERE submitted the SENSORIS universal data format to ERTICO – ITS Europe, which represents 121 public/private organisations in advancing smart mobility. ERTICO agreed to continue this important work under the SENSORIS Innovation Platform to evolve the data format into a standardised interface specification to use broadly across the automotive industry.

Jacob Bangsgaard, Chief Executive Officer at ERTICO, said: “I am proud of the work carried out by SENSORIS in the past two years. SENSORIS represents an important innovation platform for ERTICO and its fifteen ERTICO Partners involved. It is thanks to them that we can contribute to the development of global specifications such as the SENSORIS one. SENSORIS covers an important role in gathering Partners to work together, exchange knowledge and know-how and propose new, innovative solutions that will greatly contribute to the deployment of smart and safe mobility not only in Europe, but around the world”.

Moving forward, SENSORIS is reaching out to the automotive industry promoting the usage within the connected vehicle environment and once a de facto standard is established, SENSORIS will be driven towards a world standard to be used in real world scenarios.


SENSORIS Coordinator: Jean-Charles Pandazis, ERTICO – ITS Europe (

SENSORIS Chairman: Prokop Jehlicka, HERE Technologies (

Notes to the editor


SENSORIS, initiated by HERE Technologies  in June 2015 and coordinated by ERTICO since June 2016, focuses on the specification and world-wide standardization of a vehicle-based sensor data exchange format for the vehicle-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud interfaces. The goal of SENSORIS is a unified exchange format to allow Service and Map providers to use vehicle-based Sensor Data without the need of transformation between different manufacturer depending formats and the danger of data loss through translation.

The core Use Cases of SENSORIS are the transportation of:

  • Near Real Time Sensor Information for e.g. Hazard Warnings and Driver Information
  • Delayed Batch Sensor Information for e.g. Map Learning
  • Delayed statistical Aggregation of Sensor Information for e.g. Driver Behaviour Information.


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