In order to set new goals for the future, one must look back at what has been done in the past. At the start of the new year, SENSORIS members can only be proud of the achievements of 2018. In the previous year, SENSORIS has achieved important results, which could not have been possible without the solid membership that has grown over the last two years. In 2018, many new members were welcomed, starting with AISIN AW, Baidu, CTAG, EnGis Technologies, Jaguar Land Rover, Kuandeng, Neusoft, Mappers, Nissan, Shenyang MXNAVI, Tencent and concluding with Huawei.

Thanks to his members, SENSORIS was able to release a first on vehicle –to-cloud standard, including the ingestion interface. SENSORIS started harmonization with world standardization bodies and associations (ISO, SAE, TISA, NDS, ADASIS) and is currently developing a full cycle with the definition of a request interface.

With such a strong cooperation behind the scenes, SENSORIS is pleased to welcome Huawei as first and new member of the year.

With this strong group of innovators and experts, SENSORIS looks at a bright 2019, working on having first real world scenarios of data request and data ingestion, which could mark a huge second milestone, realizing the data transport for future services and products for and around the connected vehicle.