SENSORIS will be featured at the upcoming ITS European Congress in Lisbon, 22-24 May.

SENSORIS’ achievements and lessons learnt will be discussed during the Special Interest Session no 37 “Data sharing and mobility data space, challenges and role of standards”. Jean-Charles Pandazis, the SENSORIS coordinator, will be moderating the discussion.

In accordance with the General Vehicle Safety Regulation (EU), 2019/2144 and the efforts of the Data for Road Safety group, Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) will be mandatory for new models/types of vehicles introduced to the market from July 2022. During this session, the focus will be on ISA as an example to explore the entire data value chain required for its success. The session will also discuss the roles of various stakeholders and the challenges related to data standards and their harmonization. Representatives from relevant data exchange standardisation bodies such as TM2.0, TN-ITS, SENSORIS, and others, as well as representatives from the Data for Road Safety group and the European Commission, will participate as speakers. Additionally, speakers from the United States and Korea will provide insights from their respective regions.

Read the full programme of the event on the official ITS Congress website.