The 11th Open Auto Drive Forum took place in Belmont, California, hosted by the Electronics Research Lab (ERL) of Volkswagen Group of America.

The well-attended meeting focused on Autonomous Driving and on the technologies required for its development, with the key elements being sensors, connectivity and machine learning. In particular, the main topic discussed was the necessity of HD maps for making automated driving a reality, being also a core component connecting all OADF member organizations.

SENSORIS was present and represented by Prokop Jehlicka from HERE Technologies, who outlined ADASIS’ latest updates on standardisation.

As OADF serves as global platform for sharing knowledge, networking and collaboration between all stakeholders in the automated/ autonomous driving realm, the participation of ADASIS was important to harmonise the Platform’s work further. A highlight was the announcement of the Japanese cross-ministerial program for enabling autonomous driving, SIP-adus, who became the 5th official member organization in OADF next to SENSORIS, ADASIS, NDS and TISA. The inclusion of SIP-adus and the coordination and harmonization with this Japanese program is an important milestone for OADF.