Established as a GIS service company in South Korea in 2006, U1GIS is mainly focused on a traditional geospatial information domain, such as numerical map, UPIS, LIS, survey and database, and more.

Since its establishment, U1GIS has expanded its service line from traditional GIS to MMS, Navigation and HD map, constantly working to become a top-tear solution provider of sensing and mapping for autonomous driving.

As new SENSORIS member, U1GIS will learn from the SENSORIS transport protocols and contribute to the membership by exchanging best practice and know-how, in particular on the detection of objects by the vehicle (e.g. traffic signs), while SENSORIS will gain knowledge on the expansion of objects detected by the vehicle.

U1GIS also brings its expertise at higher level through national projects deployed in South Korea. One great example is project, ‘Development and demonstration of rapid detection and renewal of road change to support self-driving’, which mission is to detect changes in the reality and update maps of other vehicles using detected objects through the cloud. Uploading data to a cloud from vehicles and vice versa greatly affects the transmission method and the data format, and this is what U1GIS is innovating in the project.

Welcome, U1GIS!