SENSORIS focuses on the vehicle-to-cloud upload form and the cloud-to-cloud data exchange format, specifically for vehicle-based data and other data needed for mobility services. The cloud can be an intermediate server or aggregation server or a service provider input gateway.

All SENSORIS developments will conform to the data authorisation/authentication process, and fully comply with data privacy and approved security regulations.

SENSORIS continuously ensures that its membership represents all key stakeholders in the field of sensor interface specification. The needs of all stakeholders are prioritised based on the short-, mid-, and long-term. The platform establishes and maintains the SENSORIS deployment roadmap.

SENSORIS is committed to deliver and maintain technical specifications that define the format and content of sensors and campaign data in the cases mentioned under scope. This implies vehicle-to-cloud data upload format for vehicle-based data only, cloud-to-cloud exchange format for vehicle-based data and other data needed for mobility services, and cloud-to-vehicle “campaign” request format for specific data at specific locations and times only.