The SENSORIS platform runs 4 working groups (WG), each managed by a SENSORIS member and focused on key steps in the interface development process.

WG1: Needs & requirements

Led by HERE, this working group 1 establishes the needs and requirements for the development of the standardised interface. Therefore it aligns existing Sensor Data Standards and summarises the needs of content and details of sensor data from the location-based service providers’ point of view. This includes but is not limited to a list of Sensor Data Attributes, classified by topic; and meta-requirements on information per attribute such as the quality metrics. The working group will also take into account the requirements on sensor data representation.

WG2: Availability of sensor data (Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)/suppliers)

Led by Daimler, working group 2 gathers available in-vehicle sensor data including their specific properties.

WG3: Interface architecture and high level design

Working group 2 led by Elektrobit establishes the overall architecture and workflow of data between vehicle and cloud and cloud to cloud. The group proposes the communication paradigms and a security approach.

WG4: Interface specification

Continental leads the working group that provides Data Definitions for Sensor Data including Quality Metrics and Location References according the requirements defined by working group 1. It provides Data Definition for Data Request Channel. The work is based on the existing Draft SENSORIS Specification.