From Monday 30 May to Wednesday 1 June, the 14th edition of the ITS European Congress will take place in Toulouse.

This event represents the ultimate showcase of mobility services deployment and it is a great opportunity for all members of the ITS community to come together and exchange know-how.

SENSORIS will be presented in a dedicated Special Interest Session – SIS – in Room 4 on Monday 30 May, 14:00-15:00SIS 4 “Data exchange for interoperable mobility services in Europe” will address what are the most relevant actions to be taken in the short, medium and long term to cover the need for data exchange to ensure interoperable mobility services in Europe. Speakers will be from relevant data exchange standardisation bodies and activities like TM2.0, TISA, TN-ITS, MaaS Alliance, etc. representing the different stakeholders in this data exchange ecosystem.

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