In a stride towards enhancing the landscape of vehicle communication and connectivity, SENSORIS ASBL proudly welcomes three new entities into its fold: CTAG, Mitsubishi Electric, and Xiaomi. 

CTAG, an institution renowned for its expertise in automotive research and development, has joined SENSORIS ASBL driven by a keen awareness of the pivotal role that standardization plays in fostering seamless communication between vehicles and infrastructure. With a known history of collaboration with OEM and Tier 1 clients, CTAG brings forth invaluable insights into the industry’s demands, particularly concerning the data requirements of autonomous vehicles. By aligning with SENSORIS, CTAG aims to contribute its wealth of experience to the ongoing discourse on enhancing vehicular communication protocols. 

Mitsubishi Electric‘s decision to join the association underscores its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in vehicular communication systems. Mitsubishi Electric seeks to not only stay abreast of the latest developments but also actively contribute to shaping future specifications. With dedicated personnel assigned to SENSORIS-related activities, Mitsubishi Electric stands ready to lend its expertise towards the development of compliant products and the evolution of industry standards. 

Xiaomi‘s entry into SENSORIS marks a significant step towards fostering collaboration in the realm of vehicular data exchange. Motivated by a shared vision of enabling seamless communication between vehicle sensors and the cloud, Xiaomi aims to leverage SENSORIS’ platform to explore innovative solutions and exchange best practices. As an active participant in SENSORIS discussions, Xiaomi is poised to share its practical experiences in implementing SENSORIS protocols, thereby enriching the collective knowledge base of the association. 

The addition of CTAG, Mitsubishi Electric, and Xiaomi to SENSORIS exemplifies the growing momentum towards standardized, interoperable solutions in vehicular communication. With their diverse backgrounds and shared commitment to innovation, these new members will join AISIN, Cariad, Hyundai, IBM, MXNavi, Toyota and the SENSORIS founding members ERTICO, HERE, Huawei and NNG. As SENSORIS continues to expand its reach and influence, the automotive industry can look forward to a future characterized by enhanced safety, efficiency, and connectivity on the roads.