Following the release of an updated version of vehicle-to-cloud data standard, SENSORIS joined more than 180 automotive experts from all over the world at the 14th Open Auto Drive Forum event to discuss advancements in standardisation related to automated and autonomous driving. 

SENSORIS was once again present to report on the latest status of its activities. Before the official start of the meeting, a workshop for the on-site participants took place under the lead of Teun Hendriks from TISA (Traveller Information Services Association). In this workshop, the OADF ecosystem architecture was jointly reviewed and the participants present on-site analysed the flow of data through the OADF ecosystem for a number of use cases.

Following tradition, Matthias Unbehaun, OADF Speaker and TISA Executive Director opened the main event with the invited guest speakers and the progress updates from standardisation organisations.

The first guest speaker was Dr. Wei Luo, COO and Head of Product at DeepMap. In her presentation, Wei focused on the role of HD maps and map accuracy in L2+ AV system.
This was followed by Dr. Martin Pfeifle, CTO of NNG, who demonstrated how NNG is using an NDS-based navigation SDK for Automated Driving.
Safe and reliable map for Automated Driving were the topic of the 3rd presentation, held by Steffen Kuhn, Head of Consulting at Elektrobit.

The standardisation organisations reported on their latest activities regarding Automated Driving:

  • Jean-Charles Pandazis from ERTICO reported on ADASIS announcing v3.2 internal release, including fully defined API, ready to be used by autonomous-driving-software developers.
  • Benjamin Engel from ASAM presented the new ASAM Open Simulation Interface.
  • Martin Schleicher from Elektrobit gave insights into NDS.Live, the next generation of the Navigation Data Standard (NDS) standard offers more flexibility in terms of data management and deployment, supporting the connected and automated cars of today and of the future.
  • Andras Csepinszky from NNG reported on SENSORIS’ objectives and updated version planning.
  • Satoru Nakajo from the University of Tokyo on SIP-adus gave an update on the ongoing FOT in Tokyo.
  • Teun Hendriks reported on the TISA activities for developing TPEG3protocols to provide real-time information dedicated for AD vehicles as well as some lead use cases.
  • Christian Kleine from HERE Technologies summarised TN-ITS and its implementation status.

The next OADF meeting will take place in 2021. More information on the event will follow.